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New logo design and prospectus

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Barnsbury Primary, a merger between the infant and junior schools required a contemporary design, plus the development of a modern new logo based on a combination of those of the existing school’s.  The brochure needed to create a sense of a ‘New ‘Beginning’ for the school, engaging the reader in a positive way.


"I have now worked with Tony Denning on three school brochures (two from start and one rewrite) and found his advice and input during the creative process to be invaluable. His understanding of stakeholders views and perceptions enabled us to generate school brochures that not only marketed our school well but engendered a sense of pride in the schools. Tony was particularly helpful when I moved schools and inherited a tired school logo which he helped to redevelop and modernise... it has had considerable impact visually and in terms of developing a new school identity. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking to develop a marketing product."

— Susan M Sayers, Head Teacher, Barnsbury School

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